Cz 97b upgrades

This consists of our Pro-Package plus our barrel bushing modification. Send CGW an e-mail requesting to be added to our waitlist. Turn around is 10 weeks. CGW Precision bores and slots the 97 slide to accept a stainless steel type match barrel bushing.

Includes all machine labor to bore the slide, slot the slide, precision fit the bushing to the slide and barrel to the bushing. Includes all parts and bushing wrench with instructions on bushing removal. The barrel is then crowned to 11 degrees for a stunning look. This also increases the reliability since the screw in bushing on some occasions can rotate. Includes our famous Pro-Package upgrade that consists of our Race or Ring hammer, short reset system SRSreach reduction kit RRK with our hybrid T2 disconnector, all new music wire springs, heat treated pins, and a complete professional action polish, fit, and final tune.

Delivers a stunning SA of 2. Wishlist 0. Compare 0. No products in the cart. Add to Wishlist. Please contact us to purchase this product. Does it fit my model? This part fits your model. This part does not fit your model.

Description CGW Precision bores and slots the 97 slide to accept a stainless steel type match barrel bushing. Does not include sights, grips, or finishes. Custom Finishing. Read more Add to Wishlist. CGW Engraving. Milling Services.By 1eyedfatmanMay 30, in CZ. I have a CZ 75 custom Shadow 9mm.

Just started looking at these 97's B, BD. Anybody shoot them in competition? Anything I'd consider is Glock 45 or If you get the 97BD decocker you will need to start decocked or half cocked in all divisions.

The 97B will be easier to do the upgrades yourself. The Cajun Gunworks "E" coversion should also be legal in all divsion since it is a internal modification that leaves the external apperance in battery the same as with the orginal bushing. Thanks for the feedback.

Aftermarket Accessories

I'm kinda all over the place in my. I know the. I went through this same process and ended up being happiest with a Glock 21sf. The 41 just doesn't have the same level of aftermarket support the 21 model's do IMO.

cz 97b upgrades

I haven't been able to discern anything from the 97B's description to find out if it comes with one, but I'll get mine this weekend. As I read it, the CGW bushing is definitely an aftermarket part and falls out of favour with The Accu-Shadow comes with the bushing already installed as part of the stock model, so it's allowed.

The shadows because I researched replacing the front sight and the front sight pin holds the stock bushing. The accu bushing in an accu shadow is a completely different piece than the factory bushing. They czc have to mill the factory slide to use it. So If someone were to come out with an oversize bushing that has the same outward visible appearance as the stock bushing and then hand fit the barrel and bushing, who could say its not "OFM? If you used it in competition, did you feel disadvantaged to the longer G41?

cz 97b upgrades

Shadows do not come with a bushing. No 75s or sps leave Czech republic with a bushing.

CZ 97 BD Decocker Parts

That is why they are not SSP legal. We make a replacment bushing for the 97 that is direct replacement.

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CZ never intended it to be a part as you will never find it on a schematic. I don't think the 97 would be legal for IDPA. It is bigger and heavier than an SP01, which runs close to the max weight limit of 43 ounces. If you can get it under 43 ounces with a mag inserted, then you might be able to sneak it on in. My Tanfoglio Match Elite, without a full length dustcover and plastic grips, barely eeks in just a tad under 43 ounces with a mag. Chopping the dustcover might be considered an external modification.

Since they don't like you to change the sight dovetails, they would probably frown on this as well. As far as the Glock 41 goes, it takes the same trigger bar and sights as the 21, KKM makes a barrel for it, and there is an adapter for the Gen 3 guide Rod.

It does need more options for a magwell though.

cz 97b upgrades

Didn't the run afoul of IDPA rules at some point in the past because they viewed the full length dust cover as a modification, because they called the B simply a up-calibered version of the CZ, which doesn't have a full length dust cover?

Full length dustcovers have been a problem in IDPA for the 97 for a long time. The previous weight limit was something ridiculous like 39 ounces. Serious weight reduction was needed to get an SP01 to weigh that little without doing any machining.CZ Forum is going to Shot Show again this year so you can look forward to a lot of videos from that!!!

We have created another section for our finds this year, and until then, you can tell us things that you would like to see us do videos on in the same section! We would love to know about products that you are interested in for your CZ firearms!

Forum Home. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. The first chance I got I swapped out the trigger, springs, etc. This, my 2 nd trigger job, was a breeze, and I learned a few things that may potentially be of benefit to others. This entailed merely moving the Slave Pin leftward far enough to remove and replace the FPBL, then moving the Slave Pin back through the FPBL, leaving a gap to the inner wall of the Sear Cage through which the tiny hairpin FPBL Spring can be inserted, using tweezers, far enough to enable it to be pulled the rest of the way down to where the Slave Pin can enter its loop using a dental pick or a toothpick.

The trigger was stunningly smooth and crisp as shipped, as if produced on all new tooling. Beyond such subjective testimony, however, simple removal of the Slide and observation of trigger actions both DA and SA reveals absolutely no interaction between trigger pull and the decocker parts. CGW assured me that this is deliberate, and that with over 20K! DA and 2. Incredible write up.

Thanks for that! SMF 2. Using the CZForum.CZ Forum is going to Shot Show again this year so you can look forward to a lot of videos from that!!! We have created another section for our finds this year, and until then, you can tell us things that you would like to see us do videos on in the same section!

CZ 97 BD 200 yard pistol shots. CZ Custom .45 ACP.

We would love to know about products that you are interested in for your CZ firearms! Forum Home. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Squirrelly85 I'm always left of the enemy Jr. Member Posts: 91 I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Here are a few upgrades for you 97B. These are the essential upgrade I plan on adding to my own 97B. Links for each product are listed below, more for reference then price.

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Thought you might like the light rail I put on there. I think that would make the whole thing totally killer, and a definite limited custom one-off. I just wonder if they fit or would need to be cut down at all. Looks like I need to make a shopping list for lowes, some new shop tools are in order.

I finally sold the other 97B. I was able to trade it for a CZ 40B which makes me very very very happy. Yeah, I like that light rail, sucks that you sold that 97 to someone besides me, but I'm glad that you got what you wanted.

Thats always a good thing. Yeah I had to make a move on this one fortunately but unfortunately I know you will find one though and be just as happy, and probably pay half as much to boot. That light rail does fit the 97 frame in all measurements so I think its time for a bit of upgrading. As soon as Im able to put it on and everything I will post pics. Let me know how it works out! Can't wait to see the pics. Will do Now to buy a bigger work bench, a bench grinder, and drill press.

I think they lied. SMF 2. Using the CZForum.Welcome to our CZ accessories sale pagewhere you'll find CZ grips, red dot scopesflashlightsholsterscases and sights for CZ pistols. Check out a number of our CZ accessories below. If there is any CZ accessory that you do not see, you may find it by doing a search or contact us to find out if we list it on our site. We are constantly adding CZ accessories to this page, but with overproducts for sale, it's hard to catch them all!

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ā€œEā€ Conversion for CZ 97 B/BD

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Navigate to: Categories. Made in USA. Related Categories. CZ Holsters. Compare 0. Remove All.With a crisp trigger, great ergonomics and packed with features, we feel the P C is the best striker pistol on the market. With threaded barrel, high night sights and extended capacity, this P C is clad in Urban Grey. Equipped with a threaded barrel, high night sights and extended capacity magazines and clad in our distinctive Urban Grey color.

A semi-auto pistol version of the famous Scorpion EVO 3 A1, this Scorpion is awesome on the range and makes a great home defense firearm. With a folding brace and the extended Carbine handguard, this pistol is begging to have a suppressor added under the forend, creating a handy little suppressed 9mm.

With a slide cut to accept an optics plate system, the Shadow 2 OR is idea for those who prefer red dots to irons.

cz 97b upgrades

The sub-compact P, this variant also features a mounting plate system for red dot optics. The compact DWX can utalize grips from a CZ 75 Compact and corresponding magwells for the 75 series are compatible as well. A very special pistol to commemorate the 45th anniversary of a pivotal design in the evolution of the handgun.

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A compact polymer handgun, the P incorporates CZ signature ergonomics and design in a high-capacity, lightweight package. Built for use with suppressors, this P has a threaded barrel, high night sights and extended mag bases.

With extended capacity, threaded barrel and high night sights, the Urban Grey series is packed with extras! The Compact offers all the features of the full-size CZ 75 while reducing weight and bulk for comfortable carry.

Light alloy frame de-cocker model featuring an extended magazine release, low profile snag-free sights, and a loaded chamber indicator. The decocker version of our double-stack. Dealer Locator Search. Product Filter show blocks helper. Product Chambering. Product Weight 5. Product Barrel Length 4.Wishlist 0. Compare 0. No products in the cart. Select options Add to Wishlist. Add to cart Add to Wishlist.

Read more Add to Wishlist. Bevel Head Grip Screw. Magazine Base Pad. Set Screw Package 1. Trijicon SRO. This is a faithful reproduction of the "Old Style" 85C trigger.

The old style trigger is straighter than all CZ triggers and has a very comfortable contoured, Add to Wishlist. Simply the best fully adjustable fiber optic direct replacement CZ sight on the market. This sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation with the turn See our This is the new style factory slide stop spring. This will not fit the earlier models. This spring has a very short right angle leg, whereas the old style s USA made, super duty self defense class lifter spring designed to increase the single action pull weight ounces.

Made from the best quality music wire a See tech tip in product description.

Ohlc indicator

This is not a factory part, but meets or exceeds OEM quality. Made from steel heat treated, this is a flat head, side beveled screw for use with torx Simply the best fully adjustable direct replacement CZ sight on the market. This sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation with the turn of a screw Thanks to their CR batteries, See part number RH if you need the RH lever assembly as well.

Can also be used on th

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